WoW Classic – Naxxramas Tips

WoW Classic – Naxxramas Tips
WoW Classic – Naxxramas Tips

This list contains a couple of useful and unique tips that will help WoW Classic players clear Naxxrams more efficiently and make the fights more interesting.

Get rid of Grand Widow Faerlina trash fast. WoW Classic Alliance players can finish the trash before the Grand Widow Faerlina very fast thanks to Goblin Sapper Chargers. These items are crafted by engineers. You will need 40 of them. Have a paladin with Divine Shield rapidly round up the adds. The other members of the raid need to use Invisibility Potion to get near the adds that should be all stacked nicely by the paladin. Pop the bombs and see the adds die all at once. Horde teams can pull this off too with the help of a mage using Blink and Flask of Petrification to round up the adds, however, it’s a bit more tricky.

Healers can get one extra heal during the Loatheb encounter. This is where another engineering item comes into play. The Major Recombobulator trinket dispels Polymorph and heals the target. The best part is that the trinket can be used if you suffering from the Corrupted Mind debuff.

Use the Lightwell for Patchwerk, Loatheb, and the Four Horsemen encounters. Although the Lightwell is not one of the most popular WoW Classic spells, it can be extremely valuable during these three encounters. The fight against Patchwerk will take a while. Warlocks can benefit from the Lightwell and use their Life Tap mana regeneration spell more frequently. During the Loatheb fight, priests can pop the Lightwell without activating Corrupted Mind. However, players should pop an Elixir of Poison Resistance before tapping the Lightwell so they don’t interrupt the healing. During the Four Horsemen fight, put a Lightwell in the safe spot. This way, players can get their HP back up when moving from one place to another.

Skip mechanics during the Heigan encounter. Before attempting this strategy, you should know that this might be considered an exploit which could have consequences. However, there is no news of repercussions from Blizzard, so you could pull it off without any troubles. Standing in certain spots in the area where you fight Heigan allows you to avoid mechanics such as the infamous dance. There are many online videos and guides showing various strategies, however, this is one of the most iconic WoW Classic fights so you should try it in its intended form at least once.

Druids can kite Zombie Chow adds during the Gluth encounter. Healing spells generate aggro. A druid can use a HOT on all the members of the raid and aggro all the Zombie Chow adds, while the DPSers, notably fire mages, burn down Gluth. Raiding in WoW Classic is not cheap. You need consumables and enchants. Buy WoW Classic Gold you need from Goldpiles so you can focus on the fun things!

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